23 February 2019 to the lifestyle we share

Your new addiction; Mady Shum

Johnny has a nice nightcap weather in store for you. This time it is one of the most beautiful women on Instagram, namely Mary Shum. It took J.Bravo therefore quite a while to find the best pictures of this model. But because choosing is for suckers, I just throw in the most pictures for the best topic on your Sunday.

First off, I have to apologize to you Bros, because I’ve been sitting on this one for longer than I care to say. Calculating, precisely, the perfect time to drop Mary Shum for all the world to see, and subsequently fall in love with, because it’s impossible not to.

Well, today is that day. Meet Mary Shum, the absolute hottest model on Instagram who you never knew existed until 13 seconds ago. After much deliberation, it’d be an injustice to humanity if I didn’t lead with this picture.



















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