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Your new addiction; Liz Cameron / Elizabeth Turner

We don’t know much about Elizabeth Turner but she is just gorgeous. No wonder she’s a model, huh? Plus she has the same name as the girl in the Pirates movies! (Which I am sure she’s NEVER heard before.) Anyway, hopefully we can find out a little bit more about her as result of this feature and more importantly we hope that she keeps on modeling with great success because this is one peach we’ll never get enough of checking out. She’s most definitely “one to watch.” ave elizabeth-turner-duke-model2 liz-1 liz-1 liz-2 liz-3 liz-4 liz-5 liz-6 liz-7 liz-8 liz-9 liz-10 liz-11 liz-12 liz-13 liz-14 liz-15 liz-16 liz-17 liz-18 Liz Cameron Elizabeth Turner Instagram