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Your new addiction Brittany Oldenhoff
Your new addiction Brittany Oldenhoff

Your new addiction; Brittany Oldenhoff

May we introduce you to Brittany Oldenhoff? I think so because this lady is everything you need today. The beautiful top model broke through with the program Project Runway in 2009 and is since then indispensable in the modeling world. The Florida-born clean has built up quite a repertoire. She was on the cover of GQ South Africa, Spain FHM and Maxim Australia. Why this lady is particularly popular with the men’s magazines seems clear to us, because this goddess has everything a man could want. Curly locks, a divine body and an intense sultry gaze. Enjoy your Sunday



brittany oldehoff 4

brittany oldehoff 5

brittany oldehoff 6

brittany oldehoff 9

brittany oldehoff 11

brittany oldehoff 12

brittany oldehoff 13

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