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Women with more sleep having better sex!

Women giving fatigue and headache as the main reason for a lack of sex and fireworks in the bedroom. “I’m too tired for sex”: it sounds like an easy excuse but the new research from the Journal of Sexual Medicine agrees that this might be really be the reason. However, the reality is slightly different than many people think.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine examined 171 young women. The study was aimed to find a link between sexual activity (or rather the lack of it) in combination with fatigue. That link seems to be sought but it also seems to have nothing to do with feeling. Feeling doesn’t make sense in this case: 76% of the indicated women often to be (very) tired to get any feeling for sex. 50% of the women often to be to tired for sex.

When the researchers looked at the actual hours of sleep they had found a demonstrable link. Women with 1 more sleeping had a 14% higher probability of interest in sex the next day compared with women who slept 1 hour less. However, the feeling of fatigue were similar. A demonstrable lack of sleep in hours may not only lead to less interest in sex, there also appears a link between the amount of sleep and the physical reaction of the female body. REM sleep is in any case a positive effect on blood flow in the vagina and lack of sex that can lead to a lowered hormone level that reduce the sex drive.

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