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Women getting smarter and happier from your seed..

Look, these are research findings that should be taken seriously. Scientific research has proven that women not only get smarter by our love mayonnaise, they are also another step happier from it!

This gifted assertions is made in the book ‘Why Is The Penis Shaped Like That? and ‘Other Reflections on behing Human ‘written by Jesse Bering. Semen contains anxiety-reduction features also other substances that are good for the mood. So it’s includes cortisol which increases affection, estrone is a general mood enhancer, prolactin is a naturally antidepressant, melatoline let you better sleep and serotonin is a known antidepressant. If you read this summary you would almost trow your box of tissues in the trash and slurping your own seed.. naaahh just kidding but it are options;)

Well, based on this list ingredients, scientists hypothesized that women who have unprotected sex are less depressed than other chicks. This proposition is supported under 293 uni students. Women without a condom Shovels tend less to depression than women who pop or anyway not get laid with a rubber.

It is also true that the female body distinguishes between the seed of a fixed bedbuddy and that from other guys. That let you understand why women get into a depression if the relationship is over. Also emerged from other researches is that women who have been exposed to sperm perform better knowledge tests and have a higher dose of concentration.

Excellent investigate if you ask it us. So now you have something to say tonight at dinner. It seems sensible to share this article with your girlfirend. These are facts that women need to be informed. It’s for their own good:)

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