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How women describe the perfect man

How women describe the perfect man

There would be no thing as the perfect man. Apparently it does. If you have all the features from the following list property, you are the perfect man.

1 A stubble
Women like some facial hair. Not too much, but the ten-day-stubble is perfect.

2 Drink beer and eat meat
Women still fall for the great clichés: beer and meat, the most masculine things on earth. Want to impress, then skip your vegan diet.

3 Dominant in bed, protective in public
Hair pulling here, a little back and forth throwing; telling your girl how and what under the sheets is really appreciated. And when you’re back caring, you have won life.

4 Housekeeping together
The time when a woman bends over the household and the man on the couch with beer is over guys. Help your wife with the housework and your sex will be better.

5 Be funny
Women find a funny guy intensely important. This is even the most important gift that a man must have, followed by intelligence and honesty.

6 Lenth, broadly
Women fall for the longer men. It also wants to help if you are blessed with a larger createdness. Yes, size can matter.

7 Scars
Yes, they do like bad boys, if you have scars that are not too present but visible, you’re good.

8 play an instrument
Now the list of clichés is complete. Yes, every woman slides off the seat as you sit with a guitar with some John Mayor sounds.

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