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Women apparemtly like this men hobby

Women apparemtly like this men hobby

You won’t believe it.

Men have hobbies. Some hobbies are strange – not as well understood for women. Fishing for example. Women have no idea what we men like about it.

At least … we think. Perhaps women understand it still better than we think. Or they look masculinity or from somewhere. Anyway: fishapp Fishbrain analyzed Tinderphotos of 18- to 35-year-old men from Florida and came to the conclusion that 22 percent of men that at least one of their Tinder photos posing with … a fish. Yes. Now you may be thinking: lame. Well, the ladies think differently. The researchers asked 1,000 women for their opinion on the fishing men and came to a particular conclusion: 46 percent of women thought the men with a fish on the photographs were more attractive than those without fish.

Oh yes, the women also had a preference for fish species: the blue tilefish was the best taste. The black cod graced a fine second place. According to Fishbrain fishing gives the idea that the man is “athletic, liberal and sophisticated.” Okay…

Incidentally women found small carp at last attractive. Perhaps because they were small? Perhaps because women simply don’t like carp? We will not know;)

There are some hooks (you know him, hooks?) And eyes in this study: 1) the research zooms in on Florida, where men are fishing a lot. Women in Amsterdam will not look at the same think. 2) the research is done by a fishing company, 3) the women were from one university. Ah, interesting. It’s a fun fact for in the pub on Friday night. You only need to hide the last paragraph of that article in your story.

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