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Tips for a healthy beard featured TABAC

With these 5 tips you will grow the perfect beard

The beard is a symbol for masculine. It has something mighty and is a powerful thing. It doesn’t matter at all that you don’t have a super full beard grow, the whole point is that the hair that you have are healthy and that you work right with it. Grow your beard hair takes patience, but you have to because you will be the man which will impress many women after.

With the familiar stubble on your chin and your cheeks you turn into a rough and mature man. However, one comment: Do not exaggerate! A big beard is nice, but it should certainly not be a Santa Claus beard . If you want a beard necessary, do it good, and care for it. We have to admit, the density of your beard growth depends on a number of factors including your age and the genes of your ancestors.

1. Resist the temptation
If you’ve shaved every day, you will have the urge wanting to grab the knife. But that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do.

2. Tricks to let him grow very fast
Importantly is, “hair grow” before it gets longer. So purchase a trimmer and wait until your beard is filled with hair. Don’t keep it too short, but just a little longer than normal. Also make sure you drink plenty of water, sleep well and don’t be stressed, the last of the three is often the culprit for slow hair growth and even hair loss. Also food with vitamin B or fish oil helps to grow a beard. Eat enough protein, but you probably did that already … #beastmode

3. Keep it clean and dry
Turn the trimmer to the largest stand so that your hair remains at its longest. You can use either wet or dry with the right tools such as TABAC GENTLE MEN’S CARE it also takes care of your skin, no red rash and no slices, Nice!

4. A cleaner skin than worktops
It is important to keep your skin clean. Use a mild shower gel, body scrub or what makes dead skin cells disappear so new hairs quickly get the chance to break through.

5. Use this for and after you shave session
You should remove the tiny hairs that are ‘loose’ on your cheek and your neck as well. You also need to wash your beard with warm water, and get a good ‘beard’ oil, or a fine ointment. Convenient: After shaving TOBACCO GENTLE MEN’S CARE prevents pimples. If you have a very dry skin or suffer from the harsh winter use a moisturizer or gel.

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