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Why is your ex following you on Social Media

Why is your ex following you on Social Media?

You follow her too, admit it!

Whoever ends the relationship, deleting your ex on social media is not a priority at that time in your life. But maybe you do this too aware not to keep an eye on her. The same applies to her, they do not take any steps to remove you. What does this mean?

The occasional viewing on her Facebook account, her Instagrampictures or her tweets can give you a very good feeling about your own life. Especially if they look much less handsome and have devoted significantly more hours the last time at the bar than in the gym. If she also places more emotional odds with how excellent her single life is, you know enough.

This sounds terrible, doesn’t it? However, according to clinical psychologist Suzana E. Flores, author of How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives, we do it all.

Whether it is a good use of your time and energy, is another matter. But why does it feel so damn good to see that the other person’s life has become…? Are we all so bad??

It mainly gives confirmation, Flores explains. If you have not gone well apart, seeing emotional messages may give the intention it is unfortunate that you are apart, what displays you a good feeling.

Following your ex to make yourself feel better is not something man decorates says Fran Walfish, relationship psychologist in Beverly Hills. “It feeds the little narcissism what is in each of us – the wish and hope that ‘you are the only one that is good for her, and she is without me,’ ‘she says.

If you broke up because it just was, empty, over, and withoout further problems, then is following your ex on social media not a big deal, says Flores.

But if it’s ended badly (in most cases) and you follow your ex still or vice versa, then this can only lead to disappointment or satisfaction. “Because you keep focusing on your ex, you actually care that you can not close it,” says Flores. “It is better to focus on yourself and your own happiness.”

So should you immediately remove your ex from social media if you broke up?

“It’s about the way how it’s ended.”

Can you shake still shake her hand? No?

“Then it is perhaps somewhat hasty to remove her.

We advise you to remove it and spend your time on other women.

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