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What you should know before you take a dog in your life

What you should know before you take a dog in your life

Always wanted to have a dog? Or maybe your wive is nagging for a dog? Whatever the reason is, read this first before you take a dog.

It’s important that you do your homework before you buy a pet. Impulse purchases still bring a lot, really a lot animals to the shelter annually. Maybe you’re ready for the unconditional love of a dog, but are you also ready for the responsibility that comes with it? Here are four things to know in advance of every dog owner.

1. It is a long-term relationship
Think about how your life will look like in ten years. Do you have children? Do you live in the big city?

Think again if a dog fit in that picture.

Your wife would like to have a cute Yorkshire Terrier? Unfortunately, that does not always go well with kids. Perhaps you now have enough space to run around a Golden Retriever in your garden, but how will it be if you are going to live in the city?
The main reason that dogs end up in a shelter is because people change and a dog does not fit well in the changing lifestyle. The “lifetime” of a dog is hard to predict.

2. Your schedule will revolve around your dog

Say goodbye to sleep late on weekends and the late fridayafternoon programs. Your dog expected his food and your given bathroom breaks. Once you have a set routine, he also expects that you stick to it.

You can really stay away longer than eight hours. Older dogs need to occasionally stretch their legs and run an errand.

And oh yes: you can forget the last-minute travel. As long as you can control any friend or relative who wants to look after your dog while you are away, you can not travel.

3. It is not free

Especially pups: the first year of a dog asks a lot of money. This is the basic, so: food, equipment (collar, leash, bed, bowls), vaccinations, flea and worm medication.

4. Expect the unexpected

Dogs are curious creatures and like to explore their surroundings. The downside: the risk that they eat something poisonous. Sometimes they him unexpectedly books across the street, they jump in (deep) puddles or high altitudes or roll them into bushes dotted with character. What this means for you? Towering bills at the vet. What can you do about it? Take a pet insurance.

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