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What if money was no object
What if money was no object

What If Money Was No Object

The British philosopher and writer Alan Watts (1915-1973) mainly dealt with the philosophy of Zen, Buddhism and Taoism. According to whose principles he tried to answer the question about the aim and purpose of life. So he asked the following question: “What would happen if money was no object?”.

The answer seems to be answered quickly. It critically describes the unilateral rush for money and the wrong attitude towards life, regardless of your own wishes, talent or passion.

How would you spend your life if money was no object?
These words will make you think about your own attitude and path.

What If Money Was No Object ~ Alan Watts from Edgar Alves on Vimeo.

I'M NOT THE OWNER OF THIS VIDEO. Just wanted to share this.

Here's the link to the creator where you can watch more awesome messages:


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