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Valentines day; give her an exciting gift!

Valentines day; give her an exciting gift!

You want to give her an exciting gift for Valentines day or just for any reason, maybe for your own pleasure or just because she deserves it, but you can’t see the store through the panties anymore. Where do you start? And above all: what suits her shape? We give you a hand at this one;)

Her shape: the model

She looks like Cara Delevingne; a slim figure, the bottom as wide as the hips, probablt making it often flat or boyish.

Lingerie Selection; Low-rise panties give her curves and Cameron Diaz-like legs.

Her shape: The hourglass

She looks like Rihanna; gloriously full and heavy from below, it will be uncertain whether her buttocks do not seem out of proportion

Lingerie Selection; French panties give a little peekaboo playfulness, while a higher belt line emphasizes her curves.

Her shape: The diva

She looks like Scarlett Johansson; Wider hips tapering to the thighs can resemble the buttocks bigger.

Lingerie Selection; Opt for panties that give a lift without the roulade effect and translucent panels that glimpses to give the skin form.

Her shape: The heart

She looks like Miranda Kerr; This is the form that the most women desire. All you have to do is give her the right tools to show them off.

Lingerie Selection; Because they can have almost all the styles, go for the risky – perhaps she does it whatsoever.

Happy valentines day! Oh shit we have to wait 2 small weeks, anyway, enough time to trace the internet! Good luck!

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