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Tinder tips for men  1

Tinder tips for men! 1/3

It seems that women are fanatical swiping at Tinder. To master the game you should know the rules first! We present you “Tinder tips for men”, based on research results among the women’s panel.

1. Photos;

It’s all about your profile like you can see and should know.

Here are the first implementable tips.
Try it for 1 day and you’ll see what happen;)

Good profile picture

Cliché, but true. Just like in real life the first impression is quite important. The first visible picture is therefore the key to success (or not). Women find it more interesting if a man does not directly smile into the camera, but look away nonchalantly. Excited mystery leads to swipe to the right;)

Stop with selfies in the bathroom!

Only women are allowed to. If they are 16. These mirror images in which a block is shown (whether or not in the pipeline), it is generally relentlessly geswiped to the left side.

Photos with friends.

This is often a kind of happy with a dead sparrow. A photo of a group friends that you know (according to her) are not the most attractive photos and creates a swipe to the wrong way. In addition, it takes effort to first investigate which of the dozen you’re right.

Photos with another chick

Does this make sure that they have a reference to the harem women you already have? You’re trying to suggest that you’re a kind of Leonardo DiCaprio himself, but the fact that you are on Tinder makes it quite implausible.


Eyes are important for the ladies, if you don’t have them, tell the girls in your profile about it..

We’ll come back with some awesome better tricks and tips later this week, stay tuned!

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