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This gives you a fuller head of hair

This gives you a fuller head of hair

I never had my hair and beard that long before, it’s about discipline, a style that fits you and grooming, and it’s all driven by multiple grounding thoughts… Anyway, the only way what kept me in this ‘long direction’ is the honestly and positive feedback from several women I date. After heavy considerations and habituation I can just confirm the next article;

We discovered 10 ways for a beautiful, full head of hair which women like to slip through.

1. Wash it
Washing your hair makes your hair looks thicker. namely dirty, greasy hair has zero volume, and there is just a little on your head. If your hair is oily, you also look easier on the scalp, giving the impression that you are balding. For the best results, use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Shampoo is the most effective way to remove grease from your hair and fights dandruff. Dandruff causes to break down it easier,, anti-dandruff shampoo is win-win.

2. Make it thicker
Go for a shampoo, conditioner or spray with containing polymers. It fills the hair shaft, which instantly adds volume and optically thicker hair. The effect of these products is moreover temporary, which means you have to use it regularly. The thickness of the hair rises by about 20 percent.

3. Put your comb down

Dump that comb. If you’re constantly combing your hair or brushing it, it can – especially thin hair – let look it limp and lifeless. Try to style your hair with your fingers, so you bring more volume and texture in it.

4. Use the right styling products
You doesn’t provide your hair volume if you use heavy wax or gel on thin hair.

5. Get rid of those cigarettes
A study by the Harvard School of Public Health in the Americas shows that smoking triggers hormones that play a role in hair loss. In addition, smoking hidden blood vessels in the skull that nourish the hair to grow faster.

6. The wind in your hair
Blow dry is a good way to give your hair more volume. Not too hot, because you damage the natural proteins in your hair, and it breaks it down.

7. Stay out of the sun
Your head in the sun is not a good plan. If you burn scalp, it produces a substance called superoxide. Hair follicles punches thereby new hairs off instead of new growing out.

8. Visit the barber
Many men think that long hair hides baldness the best. Some even try to comb the long hair on balding spots, which often gives a completely unattractive effect. A short hairstyle is always a lot more flattering. Opt for a shag haircut or a hairstyle in which the hair falls loosely and casually. Both hairstyles make sure you remove the attention of your balding skull, and gives an focus on your face.

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