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These are the best places for outdoor sex

These are the best places for outdoor sex, baby it’s cold outside?

Can your sex life use a boost? Put some excitement in your life by take it/her outside.

During sex your senses stimulated additional outdoor. A small breeze can cause a sensation, add the stress of the possibly being caught and you experience something more exiting.

We put the five best places in a row. Tie them in your ears, because when women say …

1. In the garden
If it is your first time in the outdoors, your own garden is a safe place to start. There is still a change of being caught and the exciting factor combined with privacy, perfect. Especially if you do it behind a bush. Please note the moans, your neighbors will also still be able to look normal, right?

2. On a boat
If you have a boat at your disposal, you should definitely use it. What could be more intimate than surrounded by water to treat one another? In addition, women find it even further super romantic, and you will score extra points with her.

3. In the woods
Walking or mountainbiking together? There is nothing more exciting than just diving into the bushes. Nature sex has an enormous Tarzan and Jane grade: raw and primitive, but therefore more exciting. Please make sure that you stay out of sight of others – you do not want to scare families with small children.
4. Water
In the pool, in the shower, in a lake – you can not name it. If you’re in the water or under running water, your skin may be more sensitive to touch. In other words, enjoy intense. However, you should keep in mind that water washes away her natural lubricant, so make sure you have a lubricant based on silicone at hand. This will prevent a painful experience for her.
5. On the beach
Sex on the beach may be unwise exciting because you beach quickly associates with holidays, happiness and freedom. It can also hear the rolling waves for more excitement. Choose a secluded stretch of beach, hidden behind some rocks or a dune and take a large towel, blanket or rather with recliner. Stay a little sand proof, you don’t want sand between your buttocks.

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