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The perfect number of sex partners

The perfect number of sex partners

Yes, you may have thoughts this article is about how many sexual partners you need at the moment to become the king of the sheets. but it isn’t read farther, this article is about the number of sexual partners your (future) girlfriend finds acceptable. Studies of Illicit Encounters, a British cheating website, appear that this will be ten sexual partners.

The question of how many people you’ve shared the bed with, is probably not a new one. Actually, it’s quite a strange thing that we care about here anyway fuck once (ha, fuck. Sharply.), But to also adhere a number is of course completely out of the antics. Anyway, the ideal number is ten, ten said by more than thousand respondents.

Sweet Spot

Both men and women agree that the most acceptable sex partners is between eight and twelve , where ten is the most ideal’of course;) Less than ten the person would not have developed enough skills. If you’re over the twenty you will be apparently too preoccupied with having sexual intercourses, that seems to be unacceptable.

35 percent of male participants and thirty percent of women found it is important to know how many people you shared the bed with. Is this interesting information or not? If you have more then ten partners tap, who captivates something? And if you went fine during your student years and ist’s above the twenty still means only that you had a good time right? We thought so.

Anyway, this study was conducted among people who are members of a cheating website. We must therefore call into the reliability and validity of this study.

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