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The perfect date according to women

The perfect date according to women

With these tips you will never run stood up.

Stick to the 16:00 deadline
Once the big date is coming closer, women are afraid that you won’t show of. For this reason we have the 16.00 deadline. If you call after 16:20 to confirm the date on 20:00, she’d probably already made other plans, just out of self-protection. Call between 12:00 and 16:00!

Choose the right location
If both of you live in one city, choose a location that is closer to her place than yours. You must be on time, or rather a little too early. Get your hair in the car, you should arrive five minutes earlier than agreed. Always keep the door open for her, walk back along the car and open the door again:)

Money does matter
If you spend too much money on a date, she will feel that you are trying to buy her love or sex. Women prefer to see what you have to offer in terms of character. Highlighting your wallet doesn’t matter that much. At least, by most women, otherwise, you know, in any case you have beaten a gold digger, well done man!

Pay attention
Women took a lot of time to make themselves beautiful for you. They will always ask whether you see it. Say something about it, please.

But don’t just sprinkle with compliments
A few sincere, thoughtful compliments are usually a hit. But not just sprinkle it. Say “I like that dimple in your cheek ‘instead of’ you have a beautiful smile.” Now you have her attention immediately.

Introduce her
If you see someone else starts talking, you should definitely introduce your date to the party – without using the word “friend.” Tell about her personal details to the third party. By the time you have worked for the sixth time and date, you have suggested her to the most of your friends.

Walk with her to the door

The world is scary and she prefers that you protect her. If she wants you to join, they will absolutely ask you. Do not ask if you can just go to the toilet, they find it intrusive.

Kiss her
Do you feel that the date went well, then it’s time for some lipaction. A small kiss on the cheek is enough. Do not be discouraged if they do not immediately is eager to kiss back. She may be a little shy or nervous, because she really likes you. It could also be your bad breath;)

Recognize the kiss-off
Whe she has not kissed you on the second date you know that the game is over.


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