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The most important and easiest men grooming.


It’s been a long time I’ve wrote an interesting article for you. With my (un)realistic dream for eyes I’ve worked extremely hard on my blog/men lifestyle magazine. But it wasn’t solid enough to put on all in like I did.
The most important thing is, and will always be; Do what is needed and that is not always what you want, good things take time:). So on the journey to share interests and building my own business – I lost or rather invested more than Ten thousand of dollars, yep, no working, investing and hoping on the short time ‘succes’. But like everybody should do, stay stabil working on assets, find the joy and motivation in life, even a lover can be the best asset that motivate you to ‘succes’ but even that starts with the right grooming guys.

Take a look below here and you’ll understand I never won’t give up on the things that can let me smile and do great things in life. So I’ll appreciate if you come back next week for the best articles about, sex, health, dating, lifestyle, travel, babes and many many more! I won;’t disappoint anyone in my life, even not myself.

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Anyway, sometimes I forget the important reality; my core business, job, income and love. But meanwhile setting things straight and working on those priorities I never forgot the men grooming. So what should i say? Nevertheless, I build an awesome passive income out of different search engine strategies and my statistics telling that the high ROI is more than worth it. But after all, my life is completed after doing all that shit and my grooming….;) let me explain it below here from A till Z.

So grooming does matter so you have to care for it, is important and easy! Basically you’ll need only a few important things. Let me show you how easy it is with my grooming AZ list. Here are my daily grooming basics that you should set on top of the priority list for… yes I call it again “succes”.

Dental care
A good dental health consists of three simple steps and actions that you have to go through every day: brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. Preferably electrically; This gives a proven better result. Do not be greedy to invest in a good electric toothbrush. Teach yourself to floss daily. The importance of this should not be underestimated, flossing removes scraps between your teeth – it prevents holes. To ensure that you have a fresh breath walk out the door and to provide the last piece of protection and cleaning, rinse your mouth with water. Another ideology I have is stop drinking coffee, coffee is like drugs, it just give you a energy boost for 1 hour, and you’ll need it more and more during the day:) Healthy food and thea won’t give you a bad taste, you’ll smile a lot of more often and gives you a secure feeling during the whole day!

Beard trimmer or razor
Depending on your preference, whether to wear or not wear a beard you will benefit from a good beard trimmer and a good razor. If you shave wet, we need to know the importance of a quality razor but this way of shaving doesn’t have to be the easy way for every man. Sp my preference is a trimmer cause I like to show my beard and never shave it wet. In that case you have to buy the ultimate multi-functional trimmer to look like a groomed and healthy man!

Nails and trimming nose and ear hair
Keeping your nails, your nose and ear hair short is a daily fix. Check almost every morning the status and maintenance where necessary. If you make this a part of your regular daily routine you will end up wiuth less time doing this. A good ear and nose hair trimmer does not cost a big amount of money; you have no excuse to not have it in your badroom. And oh yes, always think of the eyebrow;).

With a poor grooming you won;t make yourself popular by the ladies. You can read it here on the link below here, thanks for visiting and I wish you all the succes guys;)

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