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The Marshall Stockwell speaker featured image Get Addicted

The Marshall Stockwell speaker

The Marshall Stockwell speaker featured image Get Addicted

Built for life on the road, the Marshall Stockwell is the smallest travel speaker made by Marshall today, the portable Marshall stereo speaker weighs only 1.20 kg, that is almost 1.20 kg! So it’s not a burden for on the road. You’ve hardly even notice that it’s in your backpack. It also has a playing time of 25 hours. The speaker is equipped with a USB port so you can charge your other devices.

The Marshall Stockwell speaker Get Addictet 1

Furthermore, the speaker has two 2.25 “woofers and two amplifiers class D. The speaker is not only convenient, but it can also provide you with music of good quality. The volume, bass and treble can be adjusted manually like we used from the amplifiers.

The Marshall Stockwell speaker Get Addicted 2

The Marshall Stockwell Speaker lets you connect to your smartphone. But when you get a call you might think that it’s a bit clumsy. Fortunately, receive and end phone calls are very easily with the 4.0 Stockwell Bluetooth Connection.

Marshall made a stylish cover to order, this gives protection and the ability to transport the Stockwell speaker in a stylish way.

The Marshall Stockwell speaker Get Addicted 2

See the Marshall Stockwell in the shop below here;

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