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The electric Croatian supercar is just amazing, no it is stunning

The electric Croatian supercar is just amazing, no it’s stunning!!

A supercar from the Eastern Bloc does not sound logical, but it’s really true. The Croatian Rimac presented their Concept One this week. A fully electric supercar that can compete with the big names in the automotive world. In 2011 cremated Rimac car world with a concept of this car, but after that there was a long silence. Until last Monday, because they announced that the Concept One will be to see in full glory in Geneva!

The Croatian car manufacturer managed to build a working supercar of an ambitious concept that is even better than they had expected. With its few big batteries and a snappy electric motor it pops in 2.6 seconds from 0 to 62 mph and has a ridiculous top speed of 220 kilometers per hour. If you dare to rage across the tarmac at this rate the battery is quickly empty, but if you do it easy, you can drive 372 miles.

Rimac 2

The performance is therefore good, but also in terms of looks the streamlined car does not drives far behind the big boys from Germany and Italy. The price is not known yet, but in 2012 they reported that it should cost around the 900k. Will you still prefer for the German thoroughness or Italian beauties for that money?

Rimac 3

Rimac 4

Rimac 5

Rimac 6

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