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The eight most masculine hobbies

The eight most masculine hobbies

Your life in a rut? No worries, we have chosen eight male hobbies for you.

The eight most masculine hobbies
Take the skills of a carpenter, add it in a burning oven and an anvil to it, et voilà: blacksmiths. It’s not easy, but when do you feel yourself more a man than rams on a piece of hot iron in a kiln, which suspiciously resembles a medieval torture device.

The eight most masculine hobbies
The why is easy: there are few hobbies where the final product is something you can share with friends. Home beer brewing offers you also the opportunity to compose the perfect beer for you adjust. You don’t know where to start? Throughout the country offer courses brewing.

Model Flying
The eight most masculine hobbies
Toys for men, you should therefore not get launched without guidance and / or a course. Why it’s fun? Because there are also models reaching 100 miles per hour and because men simply always remain boys.

The eight most masculine hobbies
Now the hype has flown a little over again, it’s time to play real poker with real players. You may find yourself naturally on a digital poker table, but real life poker is much more fun to play. So please exercise your luck at the nearest casino or create an account for example at

The eight most masculine hobbies
It’s not a cheap hobby, but you need to invest to see smart money. You don’t really put down 5,000 for a professional camera (can be, if you have it), for 449 dollar you can have a Nikon D3300. The Nikon camera is easy to use for the beginner, but makes the pictures you have in your artistic head. Follow a photography course (also available on the Internet), and before you know ityou shoot the scenic pictures.

The eight most masculine hobbies
Why shouldn’t you actually do it? You get the chance to see the most masculine drinks in the world, and for the rest of your life you not live with the idea that it all taste the same. There’s a big difference in the origin and age of the vessel where the whiskey has been sitting in. Actually, there is something for everyone: fruity, smoked, you name it! Is also doing well in poker, though.

Krav Maga
The eight most masculine hobbies
It might be a lot less known than the Asian equivalent, but this Israeli martial arts is a must. The sport is gaining popularity, so chances are good that there is also a course in your area.

The eight most masculine hobbies
You might not have spectacular mountains in your are, but you can find a climbing wall in almost every city. You train your whole body, and strives again on a great height. Adrenaline, please come on in! If you’re good, you can also always go to practice your skills on holiday!

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