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The custom Mustang Shelby GT500CR 1967

When we talk about the GT500, we are talking about the Mustang of the Mustangs. In 1967, Ford added the first time the ‘Shelby G. T. 500 ‘to allow their lineup and what a car it was! The G. T. 500 was equipped with a “Ford Cobra” V8.

Classic Recreations Shelby transformed it to the Mustang Shelby G. T. 500CR, which the CR course for Classic Recreations state. There is more than $ 25,000 in modifications to this car. And the new charger provides more than 800 hp!
Want your own G. T. 500CR? The Mustang is customizable and can be ordered for $ 169k.

GT500CR_Get Addicted

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