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The best positions for Orgasm

Listen up, gentlemen. It’s time to start pleasing your ladies. If you want to guarantee the real deal, stick to these positions that will work every time.

Missionary With Pillow
The best positions for Orgasm
Try putting a pillow under your butt and either wrapping your legs around him or lifting them over his shoulders, this way you change the boring missionary position into ooh la orgasm.

Doggy Do Right
The best positions for Orgasm
Doggy style is great, but if you really want to explode, instead of getting on all fours, lay down on your stomach and lift your butt slightly.

The best positions for Orgasm
This is relaxing and allows you to climax easily. Lay on your back as in missionary position while he lays on his side facing you. Swing both legs over his hip and allow him to enter you.

You Make Me Want To La La, In The Kitchen
The best positions for Orgasm
Take it to the kitchen and jump up on the table. Lay on your back, prop yourself up on your hands or elbows at the edge and place one, or two, legs on his shoulders. Make sure the table is as high as his waist. He can grab onto you and thrust, and with his other hand caress and stimulate your body.

Reverse Cowgirl With A Twist
The best positions for Orgasm
Everyone loves the Reverse Cowgirl. Women love it for the control and the angle at which the penis enters her. Men love the visual and allowing her to take charge. Try putting your feet together though, instead of straddling him. Place them between his legs and then go to town.

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