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WC on the 68th floor of The Shard in London.

The 15 most beautiful places to poo

There’s almost nothing above dropping a healthy brown dung. Just sit yourself back for an half hour to delusions like a king on the porcelain throne is the ultimate resting moment. Get Addicted on your phone. Totally chill-ax. We mortals are often forced to watch a boring white tile wall as we roar out of our hip. But there are a few places on earth where you can howling from your perineum meanwhile watching a real-life greeting card. These are the fifteen most beautiful places of all.

1. A school in Iceland
A school in Iceland

2. Midway, Utah.
Midway, Utah.

3. Urinals in China.
Urinals in China.

4. Mt. Whitney Throne.
Mt. Whitney Throne.

5. WC on the 68th floor of The Shard in London.
WC on the 68th floor of The Shard in London.

6. Safari lodge in Africa.
Safari lodge in Africa.

7. View in Laos.
View in Laos

8. University of California, Santa Barbara.
University of California, Santa Barbara.

9. Casablanca.

10. Seoul Tower, Korea.
Seoul Tower, Korea.

11. Western Australia.
Western Australia

12. Mountain toilet.
Western Australia

13. Commerzbank Toren, Frankfurt.
Commerzbank Toren, Frankfurt.

14. Melbourne Cricket Ground, East Melbourne.
Melbourne Cricket Ground, East Melbourne

15. Somewhere in Peru.
Somewhere in Peru

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