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Test how fit you really are;)
Test how fit you really are;)

Test how fit you really are;)

There have been men who did one of these four tests, then they sweated waterfalls, began to
cry and even went out of their stick. Do you have the balls to stand by them? After it you’ll know
if you are fit enough and you can only get fitter so choose one, load up an go, damn it! Within
30 minutes I’m gone mountain-biking, I like to do it my own way!

1. minute sprint
“A minute does not seem long, but IT IS long if you’re going hard enough,” said Rob MacDonald
of the famed Gym Jones. “This shows how far you are willing to go. If you’re not fucked up at the
end of the minute, you didn’t go hard enough. ”

2. 2000 meter rowing
“This is a classic test at Gym Jones,” says MacDonals. This test runs only about you and the
rowing machine: no cheating, no middle ground. ”
Set the distance on a rowing machine at 2000 meters. Try to eradicate this distance in less
than seven minutes.

3. 10 meter killer
Grab a stopwatch and go to a track (or mark the meters off on a long road or bike path with
sidewalk chalk). Set your stopwatch in one minute and run 10 meters. Rest the time you still
have in that minute. Run during the next minute 20 meters, rest the time you have left. Run in
the minute after 30 meters, and continue every minute add 10 meters.
Try to arrive at the 200 meters.

4. Death by burpee
“You do not need a gym or equipment for this test” “Just the willingness to suffer”
Keep track of how long it takes to do 100 burpees. Deal with any burpee a push-up with your
chest to the floor and jump at least 15 cm high. Try to ‘finish’ faster every week.

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