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Take a look at the absurdly luxurious penthouse of tech guru Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom don’t seem to have a normal life, we ​​know that by now, the Ger(man) surprises us again and again with his limitless wealth. Earlier, he gave us all a glimpse into his absurd villa in New Zealand and this time we get a tour of its headquarters in Hong Kong.

On the top floor of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the founder of megaupload.com has its own penthouse. Via private treed a world full of absurd luxury inside. The most expensive Italian furniture, huge TVs, the largest pool of Hong Kong and a Jacuzzi full of tasty chicks.

Of course, all the wealth of Kim are protected and, therefore, he hired one of the largest Kung Fu masters as his personal bodyguard. These professional ass chopper kicks hard together every burglar and was also a gifted masseur. A more luxurious life than this is just not possible.

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