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Men Steal; Weapons #7

Men Steal Weapons #7

Welcome at our 7th edition of Men Steal! This might be our best blog post outside the babes section. No it really is. Not strange if I take a look at it from my perspective. It’s just awesome and a great piece of entertainment and a good hobby for every man. …

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Men Steal – Weapons #6

Men Steal 6 - Weapons

Only the most awesome weapons and also the antique & classic models! One of our best viewed blogs at this moment, thanks for following! Oh and Mark thanks for your questions last week and sorry that I didn’t notice it till yesterday, I hope that you are watching again this …

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Men Steal #5

Men Steal

Less talking more showing! Enjoy the 5th edition of our succesful blog dump Men Steal #5 This rack system uses three of the 24” x 36” wall panels and will hold 7 rifles horizontally, 5 rifles vertically, 6 hand guns, approx 8 hand gun mags, approx 8 AR (223) or …

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Men Steal – Weapons #4

Men Steal Weapons

It’s an interest for almost every man. It’s the dream hobby of a lot of people. It’s not allowed in every country. It brings peace and safety and at the same time it can also bring the opposites with it. It’s time for the brand new edition of Men Steal …

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The awesome life of; Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian

The awesome life of; Dan Bilzerian. With things you didn’t know and only the hottest and brand new pictures. Poker player & millionair Dan Bilzerian loves to show off his rich and unusual life on Instagram. The 33-year-old Dan gives a pretty obvious look into what his daily life looks …

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Men Steal – Weapons #3

Men, Steal, Weapons

Hi guys, I don’t know what I could possibly say about this edition of Men Steal except: You just have to see these awesome toys with your own eyes. The only thing I would like to say is thanks for watching and following. I didn’t expect so much views on …

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Men Steal #2 Pistols are Silly

Men Steal, Pistols

ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE. Three are HIT. Then another. POTATO MASHER GRENADES bounce down. EXPLODE below. THE MACHINE GUN swings toward Sarge and Reiben. Miller sees them about to get it… MILLER STEPS OUT INTO THE OPEN. Take out the two worst machine gun nests. A perfect target. Captain’s bars glinting. …

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Men Steal – Weapons #1

Men Steal

Earlier today I wrote a piece about men steal considering what’s indispensable for every real man. Like a handbag for a woman. You should also get a good handbag for the next one. It won’t fit on your wrist this time. This isn’t about watches. This is about next-level toys for boys. Looking …

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