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Zermatt Peak, Switzerland

Zermatt Peak Switzerland

Zermatt Peak is a 5 star luxury chalet located in Zermatt in my home country Switzerland. It has a magnificent breathtaking overview of the city and at the iconic Matterhorn mountain. Because the Matternhorn slopes are open 365 days a year it’s the ultimate place to be for snowboarders and …

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Travel with us to South Africa

South Africa

Every week we are going to take you on a journey to a new destination. Today I am going to take you to South Africa. What you are going to see is not exactly what people imagine when they think about Africa. It’s a must-have for those with wanderlust. The …

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A wonderful example that you should never stop believing! Click on the image and read this wonderfull story about Song Saa - CAMBODJA

Amazing story and a wonderful example that you should never stop believing! In 2005 Koulmandas Melita and her husband, Rory moved to Cambodia because of Rory’s work. A year later Rory had no business commitments anymore. The couple went with their son Naryth on holiday to the coast of Cambodia. …

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Places you must visit

Places you must visit

It’s quite peculiar that I wrote the next edition of places you must visit today. Monday is normally the day I consistently post a new edition. I gave myself a little time off. I jumped in the car for a small roadtrip today. Accompanied by great weather driving through Switserland. …

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Luxury Hotels

Luxery Hotels

If we talk about travel we think of beaches, nature, culture, stunning landscapes and parties. Hey, we have to sleep as well, your accommodation equally important. I’ve traveled through almost the entire continent of Europe and I’ve seen the most famous places, at the age of 25. It was more …

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Maldives, Soneva Fushi Resort


Travel, it has to become your passion! Maybe I’ve got a few more hobbies than most people do, making it the reason I want to entertain you guys on Get Addicted! Let me take you on a trip to discover the most elegant places this world has to offer you. On …

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Places you must visit #5

Places you must visit 5

It’s time to take you to the must visit places in our Travel Section. Outside of the inspiration and new places you have to add on your bucket-list, it’s also a few minutes of photo entertainment. Are you ready for our quick guided tour around our beautiful world? Island of …

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The Legend of Dogo Onsen

Dogo Onsen, Located in Matsuyama, Dōgo Onsen is the oldest bath house in Japan

The Legend of Dogo Onsen. This beautiful Time Lapse is made by Brad Kremer, it’s just a great masterpiece of work. Located in Matsuyama, Dōgo Onsen is the oldest bath house in Japan. It was built in 1894 and celebrates its 120th anniversary last year. The bath house was built …

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Surf Park Snowdonia

surf snowdonia evolving waves

Something to put on your bucket-list for exactly the next month (1st of August:) This will be the first Wave Garden in Europe it will be the perfect tool for learning to surf or getting up that wave count and furthering your skills. A quick overview of the Spanish prototype. Surf …

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