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You would think that Red Bull has become an extreme sport brand rather than a seller of energy drinks. Today we see the ‘Red Bull Hardline’ event where mountain bikers must make a perilous course;)


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Max Verstappen kicks off this year great. He has given at 1.600 meters a special showrun on the famous descent of the Alps: the Hahnenkamm in Kitzbühel. Probably the video of Max drifting in the snow is not count unknown for the most of us. I saw it a few days back and because it was going viral that fast it didn’t make sense anymore to post it on our homepage, why would you check something you already saw? Exactly, but to be on the exclusive scale we made a great photo-shoot-collection, something you did not saw;)
The eyes of sports fans and of course some skiers were surprised; Max was slightly modified in his RB7 Formula 1 car on the slopes.
..and of course that delivers some spectacular images. max-redbull-00254 max-redbull-00258 max-redbull-00260 max-redbull-00262 max-redbull-00272 max-redbull-00276 max-redbull-00278 max-redbull-00282 max-redbull-00284 max-redbull-00290 max-redbull-00292 max-redbull-00294 max-redbull-00296 max-redbull-00300 max-redbull-00302 max-redbull-00304 max-redbull-00308 max-redbull-00310 max-redbull-00315 max-redbull-00317 max-redbull-00321 max-redbull-00323 max-redbull-00325 max-redbull-00327 max-redbull-00329