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Bikini Babes 21 Sexy Summer Edition on Get Addicted to the lifestyle we share 11

Just like we said before with the CAR PORN #16 edition. We also had already 19 earlier posts of BIKINI BABES <click the link to see them. So it’s time to continue on YOUR brand new online magazine with some crazy sexiness! Have a sunny and awesome WEEKEND! There are still …

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Bikini Babes #8

bikini babes 8

I don’t know how it is in your country, but I’m impressed by all these bikini babes below here with 35 degrees celcius at the beach today. 5 of them are chilling behind me in the pool garden while I’m quickly doing some photo back ups and writing the next …

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Eye Candy: Natasha Oakley

Natasha Oakley

Natasha Oakley is an Australian model that currently lives in California, and also resides in Maui, Miami and Florida. She is the result of a former Miss Universe as a mother and of an Australian surf champion as a father. Not only Natasha does modelling, but she’s also an entrepreneur, running …

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Bikini Babes #7

Bikini Babes 7

It’s been summer officially now for four days and we have noticed! It was fucking hot the last few days (on Get Addicted:p) I walked for hours and hours on the Get Addicted beach and took some photos with my camera… Haha no these pictures are brand new and hotter …

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Bikini Babes #6

Bikini Babes & Beach Girls 6

Oh man, two days back I wrote Stunning Beach Babes because we had so much content on it. Today, 2 days later it’s time for the next and 6th edition of Bikini Babes… I’m really sorry for my energy but please check out Bikini Babes #5 and the Stunning Beach …

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Bikini Babes #5

bikini babes 5

The clouds won’t go away today. But don’t worry (never do) I switched the post bikini babes from Thursday with the Booty yeah blog which would have come today. I hope it’s not a big deal, to compensate I put more effort in it. Enjoy these 60+ pictures

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Bikini Babes #3

Bikini babes

Hey Girls, it’s time for the new edition of inspiring summerwear. Get Addicted has been on a lot of webshops to pick out the hottest bikinis and deals for you. “Sandra get off my laptop, wtf are you writing about, I asked you to check my bankacount and not to …

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Booty Yeah #3

Booty Yeah #3

Pack your suitcase and travel to the first beach location you’ll find cause you can’t handle this!! After seeing these 50+ juicy asses is there one thing left you want; booty booty booty. In case of impotence prepare yourself for the stunning next edition of Booty Yeah!

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