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Swiss culture influences everywhere; Kameha Grand Hotel Zürich

Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-3 Like all the nations try to express that their ‘LIFE IS GRAND’, the Swiss have also been creative with their own selection cult influences. In the Kameha Grand Zürich are more than 200 rooms, lounge rooms and suites, each with a unique and recognizable ‘Swiss’style.

‘It’s the perfect setting for creative ideas, impressive presentations, dreamlike events. Be surprised and inspired by our extraordinary overall concept.’
Designer Marcel Wanders conceived chocolate-like wall panels, Toblerone-shaped sofas, mini bars in the form of bank safes, and lamps fashioned from cow bells. Each and great representations of Swiss successes. Those elements are very ‘perky’ of course, but also very stylish. Watches and knives is you main thought but you wouldn’t expect this at all;).   Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-19 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-20 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-21 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-29 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-23 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-24 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-26 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-27 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-28 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-10 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-18 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-32 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-22 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-30 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-5 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-6   Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-14 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-15 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-25 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-33 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-36 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-37 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-12 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-7 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-8 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-9 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-13 Kameha-Grand-Zurich_-31