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The reason why you swipe right on Tinder


It’s logical that you swipe right when you see an attractive lady on Tinder: she looks nice, and she’s funny and 10 kilometers away from you. But why do we swipe to the right so easily?


Jim Davies, a professor of cognitive science at Carleton University, explains that the right is associated with “good”. Because we write from left to right, you’re automatically execpt things that go taht way. The developers of Tinder have this natural comfortable feeling associated with the ‘approval’. But that’s not al;

Because your eyes are accustomed to shift from left to right, it’s difficult to go on the other hand, this goes against your nature, Davies explains.

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But it’s not only happen in Tinder. In movies and video games the actors and players usually play from left to right. Even in football, this is a phenomenon.

Maybe this won’t help you finding the perfect match, check this out; Being a Casanova on Tinder

Anyway now you’ve got a nice story to tell your friends tonight!


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