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Sweden goes of 8 to a 6-hour workday

In Sweden they want to continue & implement the national plan to shorten the workday from eight hours to six hours. As many Swedish companies have already made the transition. It is the solution to absenteeism and inefficiency according Mats Pilhem, vice mayor of the Swedish city of Gothenburg. “In addition, it saves money,” he says.

If you’re not a fan of Sweden, you’ll be it now. It is in fact fine linger for several companies since the 6-hour day is introduced as an standard workday. It has indeed been shown that an 8-hour day has influence to the detriment of the health, positivism and productivity of workers. And as a workday is shorter appears that the staff is much more motivated and more (positive) to move the same amount of work and complete it. It also does not come at the expense of the salary, they just simply earn more per hour now.


In the Swedish municipality of Gothenburg has been recently launched an experiment involving two departments of the city council must perform a different number of hours per day. One group of officials must now work only six hours a day, the other group will continue to operate the usual 40 hours work week. Both groups are paid the same wage. “The purpose of the study is to examine the extent to which our employees are happier to report less frequently ill and / or they feel physically and mentally better through shorter working days,” said Pilhem.

Gothenburg this year conducted the initial six-hour day also for the nursing staff. The experiment will run until the end of next year and must demonstrate that the additional cost of 14 new nurses outweighs the improvements. The experiment has also been introduced at the University Clinic in Gothenburg and in two hospitals in Umeå.

If this experiment succeeds, this would save more money, according to the vice mayor and generate more jobs. Working fewer hours increases the efficiency.

Little by little the 6-hour workday increasingly becoming the standard in Sweden. What can we do? Trunks and suits to Sweden!

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