Here are the surprisingly most popular series on Netflix

Making a Murderer? Sons of Anarchy? House of Cards? No, no and no. It was recently revealed which series are popular on Netflix the last eight months – and the result will amaze you. According to statistics from the Symphony Advanced Media group, which were published by Variety, is the most popular show .. Fuller House. The revived sitcom generated in the first 35 days, reportedly 21.5 million viewers and thus let other audience favorites as Making a Murderer (19.4 million) and Daredevil (11.7 million). The rest of the top 10 is as follow: 1. Fuller House – 21.5 million 2. Making a Murderer – 19.35m 3. Daredevil – 11.65m 4. The Ranch – 9.54m 5. Jessica Jones – 9.3m 6. House of Cards – 9.05m 7. F is for Family – 7.01m 8. Master of None – 5.85m 9. Love – 4.09m 10. Flaked – 2.07m