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Why strength training is so much better than cardio

Why strength training is so much better than cardio

Running and cycling are great side dishes, but here you read why they should never be your main course.

1. Running only build muscles in your lower legs
Runners often have reasonable calves, but it remains with this. Because running is actually only a challenge for your legs (and especially the ankle joints) and the cardiovascular system.

Yes, it is a movement you make with your body, but the range of motion and incentives are not so that your muscles will grow elsewhere. The exception to this rule is sprinting, but sprinters do often still strength training to improve explosive leg strength. And let’s face it: most runners run long distances, not sprints.

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2. Cycling creates a bad posture and only stimulates muscle growth in the quads
Yep, cyclists have impressive quads. If you want, then cycle it’s a good way to get bigger quads. It’s low impact, will not strain the knees and you can easily adjust the resistance / speed.

With that said, cycling is doing nothing for the development of the hips, buttocks or upper body. Cyclists are often with a pancake ass. They have bizarre quads and a total absence of buttocks. This can lead to numerous problems, including back pain and posture so you have to be taken up later with a corset.

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The latter can indeed get to sit long at your desk with a bad posture. Your back is probably just as crooked as that would be on a bike. So sit up.

3. You chimes are unhappy by cycling
You can probably imagine that hours on a bike is not good for your chimes. Moreover, it is also another superoncomfortabel. You get used to? Yes, they say that about herpes to.

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4. Strength is the main muscle quality
A stronger muscle is more potential to do anything better. It generates more power, build more stamina and relieves tension from your joints and connective tissue. There is no easier way to build strength than strength training. It’s simple: get stronger and your performance (in almost all areas of your life) are better.

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5. Strength training is a better boost for your metabolism
The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest. Strength thereby causes muscle damage, which speeds up your metabolism during the recovery process. Yes, running also causes muscle damage and increases your metabolism even after a workout, but not nearly as much as strength.

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With high-intensity interval training (HIIT) you burn even more, since it stimulates both your aerobic and anaerobic energy. This means that you burn a lot of calories during and after your workout. If your long cardio workouts on one does (average) speed, you stop higher energy when you stop exercising.

6. Strength training is better for mobility
During squats, pushups and pullups your muscles and joints are more flexible, as long as you perform them well. Especially when you sit often on your ass, this might come in handy.

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Take the lunge. This develops your hips and thighs more than running or biking. Exercise also improves your hip mobility and can reduce a power difference between your legs. Indeed, a good lunge mechanism is the foundation for a good run mechanism. Only when you can do ten minutes of non-stop walking lunges without pain you can long time running consecutively.

7. Strength reduces the chance of injury
Physiotherapists thrive on running. The imbalance that occurs in the body by bike or run through a limited range of motion and a repetitive movement pattern can quickly lead to injuries.

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Strength, by contrast, you can make joints stronger and therefore reduce the risk of injuries by any kind of training. Most (professional) take cyclists and runners for that reason once in a while a dumbbell or barbell in hand.

8. With strength training, you can easily shape your body
Strength training can help you get the most out of every muscle in your body, rather than just from your calves and quads. It helps you to create the size, symmetry, and proportions where you’re looking.

May sound vain, but the reality is that it is indeed important for us.

In addition, more muscle equals less fat (which you can read above). Therefore, bodybuilders often have less fat than long distance runners. They might look small, but at the same time, they still carry a lot of extra weight with it because the fat content is higher.

Want to be a lean, healthy and strong fit machine? Then you can not live without strength training.


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