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You'll never come quickly again after reading this!

You’ll never come quickly again after reading this!

So, you’re well on your way to see her toe-curling among a sea of sheets in every corner of the room? There’s only one problem: you’re afraid you ejaculate too quickly. How do you handle her long, long pleasure for bth?

A study by a Netherlands University shows that serotonin – that is known to keep depression really far away – the solution when it comes to bring you back from a nearly-full. The researchers found that serotonin was less active in men who suffer from premature ejaculation. “A lack of serotonin can affect the dopamine which has a huge impact during sex,” says neuropsychiatrist Marcel Waldinger.

What you should do?
Canadian researchers found that people who die in the summer have higher serotonin levels. What the morgue you can learn about sexual pleasure? “You give your body a boost of serotonin by making yourself more exposure to natural light,” explains Dr. Simon Young of the University of Montreal. “Even on a gloomy day natural light works serotonin enhancing.” Half an hour is the minimum, an hour is optimal. “Another important ingredient of serotonin is tryptophan, you can find it in turkey and bananas,” Young added. So you know what must appear on your shopping list!


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