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Slawada; the most mysterious and hottest girl you'll ever see
Slawada; the most mysterious and hottest girl you'll ever see

Slawada; the most mysterious and hottest girl you’ll ever see

Here pictures & body are more than amazing, her way to win popularity is also know as intelligence. There is not much known about the self portrait model Slawada. Her name makes us suspect that she comse from Russia? But this is the most mysterious chick that we will ever had to presented, you won’t see her face. Then what? Uhhh, a lot of other goodies. She is also very artistic with bodypaint and creative with all kinds of props. If you know who she is, please tell us in the comments!!!

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  1. Yeah I found her. Her name is gilsel slawada. You can see her face on facebook

  2. First, yes she’s russian but she’s lying to everybody and says she’s Bulgarian. Next, she has started posting pictures on DevianArt since 2008. She doesn’t have any real job but she said she’s a sport teacher; Lie. She’s on Instagram since 2013. She has a great body because she’s fat with a thin face. When people ask her why she never show her face; her answer is always : This is my style. The real reason is her face is ugly. She always repost her old pictures. You will never see her recents pictures. Finally, %99 of her undies and pants (batman, superman, starwars, bobsponge…) are gifts by firms.

    • First off where is your evidence of her being Russian. And yes I have followed her since she started on Deviantart, then tumblr and now instagram. Also how do you know her face is ugly when she never truly shows her entire face. Besides she has done many frontal face shots with glasses on, side shots etc, so you CAN make out what her face looks like. So either provide evidence of her real face before making false claims.

      I agree she reposts a LOT of old stuff that people think are new. Her job is he says/she syas. So unless we have proof otherwise, she is a sport teacher.

      Lastly. That facebook page could be of her as it has a lot of pics of her that aren’t found anywhere else. Also it could be an old fan that made a fake page. Either way non of the pics shows her real face, and the ones that does aren’t her.

  3. First of all thanks to the person who refuted the post about her face being ugly and that she’s a liar. These are the people who support donald trump. That’s just what he does spreads unfounded lies with no evidence what soever. Anyway, who gives a fuck? I know she doesn’t. They’re pictures, photos capturing a moment in time. Enjoy them and move on❗〰〰😎

  4. Unless her eyes looks like kathy griffins face , sun glasses cant hide ugly that well , she is a flawless beauty who doesn’t show her face so she can keep her private life her own and to not souly be judged by her soical networking in public , someone who goes about the way she does shows character and humbleness and I respect that , such beauty as her’s should never be hidden, the most physically beautiful woman I have ever seen and by the way she protects her identity I’m sure her character couldn’t be much different

  5. I love the mystery behind it… I hope she never shows her face. Judging by her lips, she’s hot. And that body, WOW! I’m addicted to dat ass already.

  6. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  7. I went over this site and I think you have a lot of good information, saved to fav 🙂

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