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Improve your life with those six dream lounge chairs

Every house needs a chair where you can lose yourself completely. Where you forget the time, where you sit in for a while sipping a good whiskey. A chair that can replace your bed., one where you do not want to come out. We have selected seats which not just look very nice but also seated very well.

Ikea Ekenäset

In the fifties, IKEA had truly beautiful designe gear. And now and then they launch retro designs that are simply very nice. The Stockholm-line, for example. But last year the assortment with the Ekenäset was Årgang from the collection, which was blown into iconic designs from the seventies new life. For example;
Ikea Ekenäset

Fritz Hansen PK22 Kjaerholm
Poul Kjaerholm is a famous Danish designer. In 1956 he designed the chair below and as we are used Scandinavian design is minimalist, but do it in one way or another yet to have a hot, sexy look. Likewise, this PK22 lounge chair. Fritz Hansen has the license to produce the original. If you have money, you can buy it for € 2695 – catch sale, otherwise € 3970
Fritz Hansen PK22 Kjaerhom

Butterfly Chair
This chair is one of the most famous designs of the last century. Three designers, Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan, cooperated to realize this butterfly chair. And he may also be essentially. What a beauty. The frame can be obtained in stainless steel or black. The covers are available in three different materials (leather, cotton and acrylic) and in fifty different colors. Vintage Polo or chocolate color have our preference. It cost you € 1200
Butterfly Chair

Eames LCW Chair
Personal favorite. These low seated chair may seem somewhat uncomfortable. But he’s not. Charles and Ray Eames are the kings of ergonomics. At each chair that designed the duo, comfort was central. And appearance, of course. The LCW is as timeless as the rest of their designs. The original costs about € 1236 This is sex in the form of a chair.
Eames LCW Chair

Blue Dot Toro Lounge Chair
For us unknown yet, but we came across this beauty through Bless this stuff. Three students came up in 1997, they have what could and that was to bring good design to a wide audience. Design usable, affordable and popular. Super clean. Perfect to check in a good movie with a whiskey sour. The all-black version is our favorite.
Blue Dot Toro Lounge Chair

Eames Lounge Chair (670)
Should not be missed. Perhaps the most famous furniture ever made. Known for its unorthodox design. In the sixties, stainless steel, plywood and leather was not a common combination. The figurehead for luxury and comfort. Actually, everybody’s dream chair. Original will cost € 6,895.
Eames Lounge Chair (670)

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