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See if she is good in bed Note at these points

See if she is good in bed? Note at these points!

Mostly it’s a mystery. Sometimes a shy woman seems to turns out to be a beast in bed. And sometimes you meet a seemingly indomitable tiger, but evidence you need to do all the work. To decipher this riddle, we wondered whether it is possible to predict exactly how a woman is in bed. In any case, it would make life a little easier, right?

” It is very difficult to gauge, ” explains Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University. High heels, bare dresses and provocative glances says a little. ” These are merely signs of its intent. But these are no signs that she is actually good in bed, and whether they suit you. ”

So, what signs can you see indeed that she is good in bed? We have them in a row below here for you.

She suggests to eat Thai

Get rid of those indecisive ladies. A woman who knows what she wants, and gives a clear answer to a tough early, is more assertive in bed. Women who are good in bed take responsibility for their choices, and leave nothing in the dark.

” Sex preferences of humans are as varied as food preferences, ” Fisher said. ” For example, someone can love sushi but hate pizza. Some women find it delicious as it is sucked on their nipples; Other women do not getting warm or cold of it. “” Today, women are not so squeamish and shy. ” In the past, when women still had several sexual partners, they had no clue about their sexual preferences, ” Fisher said. ” Today, women are much more experienced and they clearly show what they like. ”

She goes for it

Watch how she treats her food. ” See how she uses her fork. they enjoy the food? she tastes what she eats, or gobbles the inside ” said Candida Royalle, producer of women-friendly movies. ” If they eat slowly, which may indicate a preference for long wild nights. ”

Ice Ice Baby

Make sure to come after her favorite ice cream flavor. So you might find the true (bed partner), according Alan Hirsch, neurologist and director of The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. Hirsch explored the favorite ice cream flavors of 720 people, and correlated this to their partners’ favorite ice cream flavors and relationship status. What appeared; those who had coffee as a favorite ice cream flavor are more dramatic, and strawberry fans are more seduce and flirt more. Vanilla lovers are very emotional.

She talks just like you

” The first thing to look for is whether they’ll mirrors, ” said Michael Cunningham, a professor of social psychology at the University of Louisville. ” If she mimics your rate of speech and non-verbal behavior, you can see if your sexual behavior also matches. If she moves slowly and you move very energetic, you can thunder there to say that you have a different pace in bed. ”

” If you tell something and they immediately changed the subject, is the sign that you too will adapt less to each other during sex, ” said Cunningham.

They know who Sid Vicious is

“Younger women are often not relaxing enough to get an orgasm,” says Fisher. Older women know what they want and will tell you so. ” They realize that the more they come, the finer that the man is ”.

During menopause ‘decreases their estrogen and testosterone have less influence,’ ‘Fisher said. ” This ensures that women are more assertive and demanding in bed, and many of them have more interest in sex. ”

She kisses like a pro

“The way you kiss says a lot about how you perform in bed, ” says sexologist Ava Cadell.” “I call kissing known as” facial penetration “It is not just your lips. You have to throw your whole body into the fight . If they can not stay away from you during the kiss, push her breasts against you, then you know they’re some of… the best sexual partners are a sort of kissing dancer. they start with small kisses, lick your lips, suck your lips, meanwhile, play with your hair and then they are not even been close to your tongue. ”

She dances well

From the way she dances you can actually deduce how they perform in bed. Fisher gives the liberating word: “” Dancing seems to some extent on sex. When dancing takes a lot of energy, you can see that she is fit. But I think you can really get to her dancing skills to see how it sits with her self-confidence and social skills. ”


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