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Jogging on an empty stomach?

What happens to your body when we jogging on an empty stomach?

For sure you’re going to attack fat stores. A bonus? Maybe, but is that the whole story?

Jogging on an empty stomach – early morning – in recent decades has become quite popular. Without the necessary food, and especially without the fuel carbohydrates, your body will look for other energy sources. And then comes naturally out of your fat stores.
Upside: a nice walk and lose weight. It might be getting used to, but it pays of.

Whether you go for a workout or not eating, the body will burn roughly the same amount of fat. Yet behind this simple fact hidden a dangerous fact. Don’t you eat something before your workout, then not only your fat stores but also the pot with proteins will be touched. And that goes quickly at the expense of muscle mass.

Runners who do not want to lose weight per se, but above all want to be better and stronger, better don’t do jogging on an empty stomach. This especially when you do strength training, because muscles have just benefited from protein for muscle building. Which must be present in sufficient quantities.

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