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Try to refind her intimate spot tonight

Try to refind her intimate spot tonight!

In all probability you can reasonably manage with her most sensitive body part – a dozen tips will make you even better. A fact: 75 percent of women can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation, which means that you can never pay too much attention to that area.

Surprise her tonight with new moves, where you not only your tongue but also your lips, fingers, toys and even more.

1. Suck and bite
A vertical movement from your tongue around her clit is already mastered, but there are more possibilities. So you can use your lips and tongue to gently suck on her clit.

“The entire vulva consists of sensitive nerve endings,” says Dr Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First:. The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman. “By gently biting her inner and outer labia and sucking her clitoris you stimulate these nerve endings.”

Vacuuming also brings more blood into her vulva and clitoris, which has about the same effect according to Kerner as a small vacuum pump.

2. Gums and teeth
“See yourself as a fixed point of resistance, and let her even do the job,” says Dr. Kerner. “You can gums against the upper pressing the clitoris (the clitoris cap) and its past you show barns.”

Put this especially when she wants to sit on your face.

3. The alphabet
It is probably even the first oral sex to my attention as being a teenager, but we are still convinced that it works.

“Put this especially when you are just starting. Later she namely consistent and uniform movements needed to get done, “says Dr. Kerner. “It’s a good way to get to know her vulva from start to finish.”

How do you do it? “You can start by licking the letters of the alphabet on her entire vulva, to repeat this then her clitoris,” explains Dr. Kerner from. “Start with an A on the outer labia and lick the same letter than on her clit. It’s the perfect way to tease. ”

4. Don’t forget the shaft
Most attention is paid to the tip of the clitoris – which is not so strange because it converge the most nerve endings. However, this does not mean you should forget the rest. The clitoris is in fact all in all an average of 10 cm in length.

“Put your fingers on both sides of her clitoris shaft,” says Dr. Cadell. “Pull and push back the clitoral hood of the clitoris and turn in circles, diagonals and spontaneous non-directed movements to remain the unpredictable.”

“Use one finger to work the area around her clitoris, but do not let this finger does not directly deal with the most sensitive point. When she reached the pinnacle of excitement, you should go ahead in a smooth, consistent movement. ”

5. Play the harmonica
Add some vibration to her orgasm and give her an experience to never forget.

“Make an O of your lips and take her clitoris into your mouth,” says Dr. Cadell. “Then make a sort humming sound while sucking on her clit. A bit like playing a harmonica. They feel the warm, wet vibrations from your mouth. ”

6. Massage your whole hand
You know how fine it is if she takes your balls in her hand? So do the same with her entire vulva, and add some extra pressure to her clit.

Dr. Kerner explains how: “When you lie next to her, put her hand on her vagina, and push your fingers inside. If you stimulate her G-spot – a part of her clitoris. Encourage this section are rhythmically. ”

7. Waterworks
No, no tears. No vaginal ejaculation or golden showers. In the early stages of masturbation women often seek the warmth of a bath or shower to help themselves. And that’s obviously not for nothing.

“With water games is important,” says Dr. Cadell. “Take for example the shower once, and rinse her body down with it. Bring it between her legs closer to her clitoris. Move it back and forth. ”

8. The penis massage
You erect penis is a good dildo substitute, and feels even better for her too.

“This works well if you spooning is against it, or sit on top of her. Take the tip of your penis in yo
ur hand and rub her clit, “says Dr. Kerner. “You can let her walk her go so she can use your penis as they would use a sex toy.”

9. Lip Service
“It fondling and licking her inner labia also puts pressure on her clitoris, and is an ideal way for women who are too sensitive yet to provide the necessary pleasure,” said Laurie Mintz, author of A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex.

The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, making direct contact can sometimes be too much of a good thing for some women.

10. Stimulating oils
There are many oils and creams designed to provide a warm, tingling feeling in her clitoris. So she gets extra excited.

“Be careful with this,” advises Dr. Mintz. “Because some women are very sensitive, it can be an unpleasant experience.”

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