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Quitting smoking, this is what happen with your body
Quitting smoking, this is what happen with your body

Quitting smoking, this is what happen with your body!

Quitting smoking has never a good timing. But whether you smoke a few cigarettes with colleagues or two packs per day: smoking kills. Not only heavy smoker but also the ‘smoker’ has more risks than he thinks. Until it stops, then your body starts to repair.

And that recovery with quitting smoking is faster than you think. Fortunately, because in order to improve your health you want to see your results, and feel of course. You’re only a year away from an as-good-as-new body.

After 6 hours: more oxygen capacity. Hours after your last cigarette takes the carbon monoxide – a poisonous gas that prevents oxygen transport in the body – down in your lungs. Your heart also has to work less hard to pump oxygen.

6 weeks: End of the smokers cough. “The recognizable smoker’s cough disappears, voids less congested and fatigue and shortness of breath decrease. Small vibrating hairs grow back into your lungs and make themselves clean again. Your overall energy level increases, “said Sean McGee, medical biologist.

3 months: A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals that 75% of smokers with erectile dysfunction are back in the race after three months. Quitting smoking means a better blood flow for each organ.

9 months: Reduced risk of heart attack. In less than one year, your risk of a cardiovascular disease halved compared to a smoker. The risk of these diseases decreases further if you increase your health.

12 months: More money, less problems:) Of course there are financial benefits to smoking cessation. An average packet of cigarettes costs, you’ll know that (and the price will rise continues), so even a pack a week less saves you more than hundreds of dollars.

The long term benefits of quitting smoking are enormous: those who quit before their 35th reduce the risk of premature death to the same level as those who has never smoked.


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