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Pornwatchers see women more as equals than not pornwatchers

People who watch porn see women more as equals than people who do not watch porn. Even porn looking women are less likely to label themselves as feminist, according to research from the Western University that was published in the Journal of Sex Research.

It is a long-running debate, and perhaps you have ever thought itself: all that (sometimes less female-friendly) gerampetampt on image can not be good for my mind. Throw your shame aside, because these thoughts are never required – as it turns out.

Led by Taylor Kohut of the Western University, this controversy was mapped using data from more than 28,000 people who participated in the General Social Survey, an annual survey on the attitudes of the US population. Each participant was asked to share his or her views on the topics: women who work outside, women in politics, the traditional gender roles and the legality of abortion. Female participants were also asked whether they see themselves as feminist.

Women in politics? Fine!
23% of the Americans admit they watched porn in the past year. Among these people were found both male and female porn viewers to have a better attitude toward women working outside the home. They also have fewer problems with abortion. The male viewers were even more positive about women in politics than the female viewers.

The authors of the study conclude that their data contradict the much heard myths about porn viewers. If porn affects the brain in other areas was not included in the study.

Thanks, our contradictory feelings about pornography are hereby provisionally appeased.

Source: The Journal of Sex Research

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