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Places you should never have sex, never!

Places you should never have sex, never!

Sex in other places than the bedroom can be very exciting, but we highly inadvisable the next places.

“What is the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?” – A question that is beyond sometimes. In your imagination you have probably often sex in an unusual location: the locker room, in the woods or in the backseat of the car. Make your imagination especially true but beware: some places guarantee incidentals such nasty bugs or sheer dangerous. Stripe the following locations from your list:

In the car – while driving!

Sex in the car? Then just stand stil. According to a study by the University of South Dakota 33% of men and 9% of women ever done sexual activity in the car, including penetration. The daredevils even said that this was also a regular hard drive, whether they admitted to fluctuate between the lanes.

In the sand

Sure, we all dream sometimes about sex on the beach. But once awakened, you realize that sex on the beach especially means sand in many places you want to avoid. It also can cause pain, cuts and infections makes it quite unappealing. Still trying? Rule than a deck chair with a big sand-free towel.

In the bushes

Lots of shelter -an ideal place for a thrilling quickie, right? Think once again to sign. They crawl through your leg up without you knowing and snuggle on your hot scrotum. In addition, these animals can also cay nast diseases with them, such as the Lyme disease.


Seems easy – but it isn’t. Sex in the water is in addition absolutely not safe. Not only do condoms slips off easily, it also can dry her vagina and thus cause small abrasions. Sounds equal less tasty, right? And we have not even talked about chlorinated water;)

On the balcony

In the first instance, it sounds erotic and romantic, but it can also be dangerous. Last year, two students died in London after a fall of six high. According to eyewitnesses, they had sex at the railing on the balcony.

In the office

Unless you hate your job and do not mind to be fired you don’t have to worry. You’re not the first fact. Sure, it’s an amusing anecdote to tell once at a party, but less fun when you do get caught.

Everywhere you can be spotted too easily

The risk of getting caught is also what makes it exciting and interesting, we understand that. You not always know how safe a place is. Even if you have no cameras – for example, in a fitting room – see, it does not go unnoticed. In some countries, you can even be picked up if you have sex in public areas.

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