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Places you should never have sex part 2

Places you should never have sex part 2

You probably know and remember our first post; Places you should never have sex but maybe you won’t know this. Of course it is nice to occasionally have sex on a different place than the bedroom, but remember that some spots are dirtier than you think (like poo bacteria, norovirus, MRSA, etc, etc). Try deleting these five places in each event of your to-do list. It’s for your own good;)

1. The airplane toilet

This small, cramped cubicle is perhaps the dirtiest place you should never have sex. “Seventy-five percent of people on a plane going to the toilet before it is cleaned. Often they do not wash their hands (good), “said microbiologist Charles Gerba. In his research he found E. coli bacteria in the whole plane toilet. So you want to scroll through other people’s poo remains for a place in the mile-high club?

2. The dressing room in your gym
MRSA staphylococcus, norovirus, ringworm – you name it and it is again found in the locker room at your gym. It is a perfect hot and humid environment for bacteria. (You walk like with your bare feet through the locker room? No? Why would you or other body parts exposed to this filth?)

3. Cinema
The sticky floors in theaters betray all how clean it really is. Gerba says also that the handrails are not regularly be cleaned of the seats, and several studies even showed that staphylococcus was on it. Perhaps the hands (and mouths) take the home netflix cinema.

4. Playgrounds and parks
Have you ever noticed that the bench was cleaned in a park? Or play in a playground? No, neither do we. Cold and flu germs, and animal and human excrement remains are found throughout the park, says Gerba. The next time you go on a swing you have to remember here that there have been at least 20 children who smeared their snot on it.

5. The beach
We will just enumerate for you: trash, sewage, feces of humans and animals … Beach sand is rancid. (Research shows that even dirtier than the sea water and can cause diarrhea, infections and rashes)


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