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The Rum Diary – The Perfect Cuba Libre

The perfect Cuba Libre; a delicious cocktail that you can drink at any moment and you can make it easily at home. How you make the perfect cuba libre at home we tell you here!

What happens when you add a wedge of lime to a rum and coke? It becomes a Cuba Libre: probably the easiest cocktail to learn to make.
Important to know You don’t make the perfect Cuba Libre easy with “a rum or a Coke.” You make it with the Cuban rum Bacardi (specifically: Bacardi Carta Oro). The first made perfect Cuba Libra was in Havana whit a bottle of Bacardi-Rum. Traditionally you pair it with a good American Bacardi & Cola, cause as known the Cuba Libre represents for the American liberation of Cuba & the Spaniards. The ingredients The interesting thing about it is that the Cuba Libre is a very easy cocktail to make. Everybody can make it and everybody will appreciate the tast:) -A bottle of Bacardi Carta Oro rum -A good American coke! -1 Lime. -Ice cubes. Slice the lime in half and squeeze the juice into the glass. Now add some ice cubes, the rum and top up with cola. Stir the drink with a spoon and add a wedge of lime to the glass as garnish.
Bacardi: the perfect cuba libre

Bacardi: the perfect cuba libre