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NEVER say this to a naked woman

We have warned you;) “And I blink tears away from laughter” Nice post Derren;) ~Giordano

Our problem:) we flopping the most retarded things sometimes. Especially when there is a naked woman facing our state. Because let’s face it, is there anything nicer than seeing a woman without clothes? Like we win the lottery, every time it happens.

A naked woman seen doing something weird with us – the men brain. The wiring is confused, and the connection between our frontal lobe and mouth off briefly. The result is an uncontrolled word vomit, or a soulless, gaze while our tongues hanging limply out of our mouth.

Fortunately, I made a list, a list that you should remember when a naked woman moves through the room, and you are suffering from an epic brain fart. This is your only chance to not come across as an idiot, and make you ashamed in front of the entire female population. These are the 50 things you NEVER, NEVER must say against a naked woman!

1. I think you’re the most sexy when you’re not completely naked. Keep it a bit exciting.

2. Let’s just cuddle.

3. I expected that you would look different.

4. Those wells are pretty cute.

5. Are these fake? They feel fake.

6. Fuck the current ideal of women. It’s great to see that you know nothing of picking up.

7. Ah, pubic hair. Feminist?

8. Does your lotion on?

9. If you hold your arms up, they are what parma serious.

10. How many children do you have?

11. Don’t be ashamed of it.

12. Ah, now we’re here anyway.

13. Maybe you should consider to look at that.

14. I’m sure you’ll make great bombs.

15. You want to borrow my jersey?

16. You look good for your age!

17. Ah, so that was among the corrective underwear.

18. Have you lost weight? Your breasts look smaller.

19. Have you grown? Your breasts look bigger.

20. Ma, there are limits.

21. You grow up in the right places.

22. Your right tit is beautiful.

23. Do you have results?

24. How many times did you say that you sported a week?

25. Is pubic hair hip? If it saves just nothing?

26. Well, you’re at least healthy!

27. I think it’s nice that you’re soft.

28. I’m going to play golf with colors this weekend.

29. I have no STDs. Let me test every two weeks.

30. Don’t you sweat under those things?

31. You know that song by Sir Mix-a-lot?

32. Do you mind to first lay down a towel before you sit there?

33. I’m not perfect.

34. Is that a henna tattoo or stretch marks?

35. Why did you play so hard to get?

36. You remind me of my mother.

37. You remind me of my sister.

38. You remind me of my brother.

39. Won;t you take a quick shower?

40. Is it contagious?

41. Jesus, how much do you lift?

42. Do you like clowns? No? Where are you going?

43. Even your curves have curves.

44. I think I can do this.

45. Do you smell something?

46. ​​My friends think I’m crazy, but you’re exactly my type.

47. No, it was a chuckle. Unfortunately I can’t tell you it.

48. My ex did that.

49. Wow, you definitely had an expensive bra? Which kept them properly in place.

50. You have a really beautiful face.

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