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How to care for the woman hotspot
How to care for the woman hotspot

How to care for the woman hotspot?

Every woman has her unique hotspots, so what works for one woman, doesn’t for others. Despite this knowledge, there is one thing which is really hated by all women: use your fingers as if you get to the last bit of change from a jar with coins.

“If you go inside with your fingers without any technique you could hurt her, this ensures that the party already stops before it really started.”

Maybe a little fidgeting worked when you were in the second grade, but you’re not on high school here. A woman wants a man with a good knowledge of business, who knows what he’s doing. “If a man doesn’t know how to use his hands, a woman automatically assumes that he also does other vital parts good.”

The main problem? Her vagina is susceptible to nicks and scratches, so you meant well pricking can damage hair considerably.

Do you want to offer her a helping hand? Make sure your nails are neatly trimmed and cared for it. Start slowly. First caress her thighs, and slowly drop your way to her clitoris. Gentle, circular movements just above its sensitive part do well by the most women, a drop of lubricant can help to.

It’s easier for the most women to get a orgasm this way than searching the G-spot. It’s therefore a good idea to concentrate on getting there. If she asks for it, bend your fingers in the direction of her navel. You should feel that’s slightly rougher than the rest. Caress this area and vary the pressure you exert on it. Start very gently, you’ll notice if you’re on the right spot!

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