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Let the wintersport feelings tickle;)
Let the wintersport feelings tickle;)

Let the wintersport feelings tickle;)

Let the wintersport feelings tickle;)
Let the wintersport feelings tickle;)

It’s December so let the wintersport feelings tickle! The cold month (where?) Snow, I had it but it’s gone like snow for the sun;) (anywhere else?!) Ice (ANYWHERE ?!). Anyway I’ve booked an amazing trip with a luxury suit, so maybe I’ve made this article to appease the next 3 weeks! Patience and this article must be my best medicine. And because we’re in love with the winter feelings I want to give you something to look forward (as you may noticed it’s still a couple degrees above the freezing point outside) So we’ve put some perfect winter documentaries for you at a glance which you desire to go to the snow and your awesome unforgettable 2015!

And o yes, winter. The jitters to the board (or skis) to strap will be no holding one anymore. Sorry about that!

This is me practicing in my backyard;)

Anyway, here we have some much much better pleasure for the eyes! Enjoy and have a great weekend

1. Pretty faces

Chicks with boards, can it be better? In this documentary there are coming 2 wonderful things together: Women and awesome snowboard tricks. Nice entertainment in the dark evenings;)

2. Art of Flight
These guys doing the sickest tricks. The best part: it’s also recorded beautifully on screen. It almost if you’re the person in it.

3. All.I.Can.
This documentary has won several awards. We recommend that you find out for yourself why.

4. The Crash Reel
This documentary tells the story of the young professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce. Kevin was the wind for a training ride in the superpipe over his whole life. Moving and inspriring.

5. The Little Things
The knife cuts on both ways – including in terms of winter sports. In this documentary, we’ll not only see stunning material of the snow but also the consequences of all our snow on nature. Not to directly accuse you of something but might be good to have a look.


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