Kyra Santoro Proves why you love her

Kyra Santoro came, very far in the Instababebattle2015. Eventually she stranded in the semifinal, by which we may conclude that Kyra is one of the most beautiful women of 2015. In this shoot for C-Heads Magazine by Lauren Angel, she proves why. You can read the interview with Kyra here. Kyra-Santoro-3-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-4-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-6-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-7-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-8-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-9-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-10-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-11-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-12-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-13-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-14-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-15-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-16-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-18-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-19-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-20-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-21-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-22-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-23-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-24-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-1-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-2-600x400 Kyra-Santoro-5-600x400